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Do You Know How To Customize Women Shirt?

Do you know how to customize Women Shirt?
Now a lot of people hear the private "custom Women Shirt", might say, and now the Internet is so big brand, do not buy it, but also what custom Women Shirt, much trouble, compare to wait. In fact, for now life brand improvement, many people actually difficult to buy the appropriate Women Shirt, either too long, or too short. So, to have a comfortable wearing a Women Shirt, it would have to be customized, so how can we customize to a suitable Women Shirt.
Tips: election style;
Women Shirt style, all kinds of collar type, sleeve type, pocket, placket, hem, back, etc., can be any combination of different flavors, it reflects a person's taste and style. But these combinations have a certain rule, if the violation of the rules may be self-defeating, unless you are famous "maverick", or create a trend to guide the people.
Rule 1: the more simple and more formal - no chest pocket law
The more formal Women Shirt, the more do not need "chest pocket", which is the gentleman has been following the rules. If you customize the Women Shirt is to fit suits or dress, it should not "chest pocket".
Rule 2: with a principle - match the right
Although the custom may have dozens of collar type, sleeve type, pocket, placket for you to choose, but do not think they can be any match. The basic principle is "formal with formal, casual ride leisure". For example: with the bow tie "camel collar" is very formal collar, then it is with the also very formal "French fold sleeve" cuffs (if in accordance with standard rules of white, black tie dress: white tie Women Shirt as a wing collar + Single fold sleeves, not the French double stacks; black collar women Shirt for the enterprise + French double stacks), no fold of the formal back, do not chest the formal predecessor, is suitable. Of course, with this extreme formal collar, basically only one fabric can choose: white. Even at the Oscar ceremony, if a person with a bow tie, Women Shirt has a chest pocket, may be the next day's lace news.
Tip two: fit five elements
A woman Shirt how to fit, the key is their own wearing feelings. But the current domestic clothing Women Shirt specifications, is based on the eighties of last century, China's human body to make a survey, and now there is a certain deviation. In this case, the general purchase of clothing Women Shirt are following the "from the big" principle, if the body fat, it will be on the chest or waist circumference; if the neck is thick, will be on the collar, the last majority of people to buy the "appropriate" Women Shirt is too large to wear.
In fact, the appropriate Women Shirt should be:
Appropriate collar: When the top of the line after the buckle, if the collar can reach into a finger for the right. Of course, if you particularly like to loose, then you can stay up to two fingers of the gap;
The appropriate bust: fasten the button, Women Shirt chest about to hold up a punch for the appropriate;
Appropriate hem: round pendulum just cover the buttocks;
The right sleeve length: the arm naturally drooping, the sleeve length to reach the tiger mouth above the 2 cm for the right;
Appropriate shoulder: should be just to the outside of the shoulder for the appropriate.
Tip three: Women Shirt fabric "thin and transparent"
At present the common description of the fabric parameters are "yarn count", such as "80", "100" and so on. "Yarn branch" refers to the thickness of the yarn of the weaving yarn, the higher the yarn count, the finer the yarn. The same weaving, the thinner fabric, the more Women Shirt smooth and soft. In the choice of high-grade fabric, do not complain about the fabric provided to you "too thin", otherwise, may be used as a painting in the gallery, pick a piece of Chinese painting ink is not black, so that experts feel your Standard is too different.