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How To Determine The Quality Of Women Solid Dress Customization And Quality

How to determine the quality of Women Solid Dress customization and quality
You can see a variety of Women Solid Dress price difference is huge, one of the important factors in addition to the flow of links caused by the rise in cost and brand effect, the other is the Women Solid Dress fabric and workmanship, as a long-term to provide Women Solid Dress custom clothing factory, according to years of industry experience, how to measure the merits of a Women Solid Dress, as many Women Solid Dress buyers first concern hot topic.
From the Women Solid Dress fabric; general a high-end Women Solid Dress with ordinary Women Solid Dress an important difference is that the custom Women Solid Dress selection of the number of fabrics and processing, the general high-grade workmanship Women Solid Dress is used in Europe, Stock cotton fabric, at least 100, 120, top quality Women Solid Dress even 200, they are characterized by mercerizing and pre-shrinking finishing procedures, will not shrink deformation, both strong and gentle fine, comfortable to wear The
From the Women Solid Dress workmanship; general good workmanship of high-end Women Solid Dress, using a single needle sewing and bone practices, each inch can be sewn 22-pin, than ordinary Women Solid Dress more than doubled, and the use of cored wire. And in the shoulder and sleeves connected to the lines, it should be smooth and simple, no neglect of the situation. Shoulder on the pattern, the lattice must be on the pattern and sleeves, lattice in no way to the up. In addition, the senior Women Solid Dress behind the collar will have a dark slot, used to insert a special metal collar, so that the collar to keep straight.
From the Women Solid Dress with accessories; workmanship of the high-end Women Solid Dress in general terms such as buttons, generally choose deep-sea pearl shell to make buttons, the thickness should be between 1.8 to 2 mm, and was curved.
When we heard that tailor-made Women Solid Dress, mind is the first choice is that the garment factory door for the customer size, and then according to the customer selected fabric with some unique signs such as the production of Women Solid Dress. That this is tailor-made Women Solid Dress, in fact, is not entirely correct, with the development of the Internet, tailor-made Women Solid Dress can also be carried out online, is the so-called online tailor-made. The following is for you to introduce online tailored Women Solid Dress general steps:
1, to provide rich fabrics for customers to choose; because it is not face to face so that customers choose the fabric, then need to shoot some high-definition pictures for customers to choose and can be as much as possible according to customer needs segmentation. Such as a lot of garment factories will be fabric by style, color, thickness, price, pattern and other details of the fabric for customers to choose.
2, according to customer requirements for the production of Women Solid Dress style, and then separately on the different parts of the Women Solid Dress subdivision, so tailor-made customer selection. Such as the choice of what collar type, sleeve type, placket, back, pocket, etc., garment factories will be clearly available online.
3, tailor-made customers choose their own size.
Women Solid Dress is one of the main varieties of summer clothing, plate type mostly leisure board. Structural design changes are more complex, and into the decorative means, such as pleated, drape, wave and other methods, women are among the more important components. As China's South and North body size and wearing habits are different, the same style of Women Solid Dress, plate type is different. At the same time, Women Solid Dress fabric variety, texture changes, the corresponding increase in the difficulty of the system board, the board should pay attention to:
1. Women Solid Dress bust loose grasp. Strong elastic fabric, in the net chest on the basis of 2em for the finished bust specifications; low elastic fabric to the size of the net chest shall prevail without reduction; no stretch fabric on the basis of the net chest plus 6 ~ 8cm loose for the finished product specifications.
2. A, B type of classification. A body to chest and waist circumference difference 14-18era prevail. B-type body to chest waist circumference difference of 9 ~ 13cm prevail.