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Talking About The Main Function Of Women Jacket

Talking about the Main Function of Women Jacket
The lining is attached to the material between the Women Jacket fabric and the lining. Initially, natural materials were used directly as liner materials. And later developed to the use of artificial production, the formation of linen and cotton for the house linings. 30 - 50 years, due to the succession of suits and tunics to promote, China began to produce and use horseshoe lining and black carbon lining. In the 1960s, resin finishing linings experienced a process from beginning to production. From the 1980s to the present, the development and use of adhesive lining can be described as a technological revolution in the world of women's jackets industry, with the technology of sticky sewing technology to simplify the processing of Women Jacket, and give women jackets special Modeling performance and shape-maintaining performance, for the focus on men's shirts 15 years of custom manufacturers, lining is one of the most used Women Jacket accessories.
The role of lining material; lining the role of lining the Women Jacket is the skeleton and support, it has the following aspects of the role of Women Jacket: the Women Jacket to obtain the ideal shape without affecting the fabric feel style under the premise of lining Stiffness and flexibility, the Women Jacket can be flat, generous or uplift, giving the Women Jacket ideal curve and three-dimensional modeling. ● keep the Women Jacket structure and size of the stability of the Women Jacket front and pocket, the collar in the wear when the force is easy to stretch and deformation, armhole, collar and other parts of the Women Jacket in the process of easy to produce deformation, Containment, to ensure that the Women Jacket shape and size of the stability. ● make the Women Jacket fold straight and straight in the Women Jacket of the fold (such as cuffs, hem) and cuffs fork, fork and other places with the lining, can fold more straight, clear line clear. ● improve the Women Jacket's anti-wrinkle ability and strength collar placket, etc. Use of the lining, the Women Jacket can be flat and anti-wrinkle, which is more prominent thin fabric. In addition, the use of lining makes the Women Jacket to increase the protective layer, the fabric will not be over-stretched, so that the Women Jacket is more durable. ● increase the fullness of women jackets and warm women jacket with lining increased thickness, thus increasing the fullness of women's jacket and warmth. ● stiffening and reinforcing the role of the Women Jacket due to the suture or bonding of the lining, reinforcement and increase the local strength of the Women Jacket. ● improve the Women Jacket processing of silk fabric easy to slip, single-sided thin knitted fabric curling, etc., in the Women Jacket production process, so that the fabric is not easy to grip, difficult to process, with the lining can increase its can increase Ding.
Garment materials are mainly fabrics and accessories, which fabric is the main material of the Women Jacket. Because of the many types of Women Jacket. Can be used as a Women Jacket fabric varieties and color is also different taking materials (clothing) fiber products woven fabrics often rich. Various natural fiber fabrics, various man-made fibers and synthetic fiber fabrics, a variety of animal fur and new non-woven fabrics are used as a material.
The choice of Women Jacket fabric. Hair according to the use and requirements of Women Jacket. Such as underwear. Due to underwear clothing directly contact with the human body, requiring clothing should be absorbed by the body to absorb the sweat and dirt capacity. So should choose a good hygroscopic and breathable, soft and close, do not stimulate the skin material, can choose cotton or cotton blended knitted fabric. (such as cotton, wool, linen or silk) fabric or selected chemical fiber blended and pure textiles. In addition, it is possible to reflect the style, identity and working nature of the wearer. To achieve a beautiful jacket jacket, crisp and durable requirements.