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Watch Out For The Harm Of Poor Women Bra

Watch out for the harm of poor Women Bra
Every woman's heart is hidden in such a world to become the most beautiful woman's desire, as a child, always fantasy to become a fairy tale in the snow princess or Cinderella, beautiful waiting for the advent of the prince. In real life, we may not be the "most beautiful", but are trying to shape the more beautiful oneself. Sexy and enchanting, pure LORI, intellectual elegance, punk personality, we use a variety of clothing a variety of hair all kinds of makeup to create their own different styles of women, these only for the appreciation of the image so that the eyes of others we are us Want to see what they see. However, whether you are in front of bathing, fade all the camouflage, wash away the dust, quietly in front of the mirror to observe their own body, that is the most true of their own right.
In the beautiful woman who will have a set off her perfect body of the Women Bra. A set of high quality Women Bra, not only wear comfortable, but also modified body. Perfect to meet the needs of women. But female friends accidentally bought a poor Women Bra will do?
Women Bra OEM fabric, but off:
Poor fabric doping a large number of toxic chemical composition, this fabric will not only wear comfortable, and will damage the skin, causing a variety of discomfort, toxic fabric damage to the human body as much as toxic food. Long-term exposure to skin contact, can lead to dermatitis, eczema, severe and even damage to the human liver. The
Women's bra OEM work, but off:
According to the survey of the Japanese National Life Center, it was found that the low-cost Women Brass that caused the skin to be blackened was relatively thick and sutured, and it was very easy to rub the skin. Will be opened to see the goods can be found, some nylon thread are stretched out, and these threads often contact with the skin, and to bring sustained skin irritation. Medical proof, the quality of thick rough material If you continue to rub the skin, part of the friction may occur melanin calm, that is, rubbing black skin disease. Cheap cheap Women Bra even if the appearance from the naked eye can not see, but the quality of the thread too hard to smoke the skin situation is also possible.
Women Bra design of the OEM, but off:
Design flaws of the Women Bra did not completely cater to the female body, long-term wear led to the body to take shape, causing the shoulder, back, breast sagging. According to the data show that 70% of domestic women breast sagging because the bra design is too casual, or wearing a plastic body is not conducive to the shape of the bra. In the small pants, the style of hypertrophy, bloated triangular underwear will make mm are lower abdomen, buttocks drooping, thighs thicker.
So, as a woman must cherish their own body, do not seek cheap cheap Women Bra. Money can buy a perfect body type, the same can also buy a distorted body type. A set of high quality budding Lina brand women's bra can protect the body of women, all the time, the softest fabric protection of women's most tender skin.
A sexy taste of Women Bra, make a woman glamorous, for the sex life to add a lot of fun. And the purchase of other clothes, like buying women's bra is also pay attention to wear, will be able to achieve the best results. But the health experts advise, if the choice, wearing improper, will bring a lot of adverse effects on the health of the body.