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White Women Jacket Is How To Clean The Black Hair

White Women Jacket is how to clean the black hair
The first cleaning method is: vinegar cleaning method. Will be eating vinegar drops in the black place, wait 10 minutes later, with soap clean, stains not only clean and will not leave traces. In this way must ensure that the Women Jacket on the stain can not be too long, it is best to clean up on the spot in order to protect the clean. The most important thing is that it is best to use white vinegar wash, so that it will not leave vinegar marks.
The second cleaning method is: with a wet towel stained with ash cleaning method. Wet the towel with a soot in a place where it is contaminated with stains. Remember the action to be gentle, or easy to damage the female Women Jacket . After wiping, clean with water. You can also use your fingers to wet the soot in the stains wipe. With this method, wipe with a soot to use a clean detergent to clean up, and to ensure that the wet Women Jacket can not be immediately ironed, so that the Women Jacket will leave traces of stains.
Finally, the white woman in the process of washing the water several points need to pay attention to: 1, if you choose to reconcile the detergent with hot water to remove the Women Jacket decontamination, found that hot water is not enough dirt, you can choose to improve the temperature of hot water, Agent to play a greater effect. 2, in order to avoid improper cleaning method to the white Women Jacketcaused by secondary pollution, before cleaning in the Women Jacket can be sewn, cut a small cloth to do under the cleaning, and then stains at the cleaning.
Many women's Women Jacket s will choose the dark color, because the dark color dirty, but the dark color of the Women Jacket has a drawback, that is faded. How the rule of law Women Jacket fade it?
1. The new cotton Women Jacketmade, washed with boiling water and then wear, can wear and do not fade.
2. Cowboy Women Jacketmade to wash when easy to fade, wash it before the cold salt in the first soak for about 2 hours, then wash with soap is not easy to fade.
3. Wash easily faded female Women Jacket , you can first put the clothes into the salt water for about 30 minutes, and then washed with water, and then washed by the general washing method. This will prevent the Women Jacket fade, especially black or red clothes, the effect is more significant.
4. Colored materials due to improper washing and fading will affect its appearance. Most of the dye is easy to dissolve in water; damp in the role of the sun under the action of light is also easy to fade; dye and fiber lines are not strong enough, washing will fade.
What is the way to improve the taste of the female Women Jacket s? Female Women Jacket s will be based on the requirements of customers, combined with occupational characteristics, team culture, age structure, body characteristics, wearing habits, from the clothing fabric, color, style, shape, with a number of considerations, to provide the best design for customers To create a rich connotation and taste of the new professional image.
Every year in Europe and foreign designers to participate in women's Women Jacket s custom clothing new design, they are very aware of the latest domestic and foreign women's Women Jacket s made dynamic, able to accurately grasp the latest Women Jacket custom industry development direction. The first in the country to adopt the international advanced custom made Women Jacket production process, with the professional high-end production equipment for customers to show the profound connotation of fine female Women Jacket s.
In the face of its mature, systematic, sound operating style and business model, in addition to coveting and admiration, we should learn from the comprehensive system of the market in the face of foreign fashion brand Offensive strategy, in the Women Jacket custom branding, new design, marketing, cultural construction and other aspects go hand in hand, coordinated operation, in order to maintain the healthy development of enterprises, and only the health of the system in order to have the future development of space.